Steeper Services - Attachments

Trackes or Wheels Rubber Tracks or Tires:

Tracks provide increased flotation and traction on soft surfaces. Rubber tracks will not scratch or harm concrete or asphalt surfaces.
Brush Cutter Brush Cutter:

For clearing of overgrown grass, bushes, small trees, from large areas.
Stump Grinder Stump Grinder:

For grinding out unwanted tree stumps, up to 8" below grade.
Trencher Trencher Attachment:

Makes a trench up to 6" wide and up to 5' deep. Make much less mess than a backhoe, is faster than a backhoe on long runs, and is easier to fill in.
Dirt Bucket Dirt Bucket:

Used for moving dirt, gravel, etc. Can be equipped with teeth for heavily compacted soil.
Dozer Blade Dozer Blade:

Primarily used for rough leveling of gravel or soil.
Grader Grader:

Finish grading of gravel or soil.
Soil Conditioner Soil Conditioner:

Works and levels soil ready for seeding.
Landscape Rake Landscape Rake:

Picks up small debris, twigs, etc leaving a lightly tilled surface ready for seeding.
Grass Seeder Grass Seeder:

For Overseeding on existing lawns or for new seeding of a lawn.
Hole Auger

For boring holes up to 16' deep, sizes include 6", 8", 12", 18", 24", 36". Can be used for anything from fence posts to planting trees.
Concrete Breaker Concrete Breaker:

Just as the name implies, used for breaking up concrete.
Pallet Forks Pallet Fork:

For moving almost any material that can be picked up by the pallet forks, up to 2000 Pounds.
Boom Boom:

Ideal for lifting rafters, trusses, etc up to a 35' height.
Snow Bucket
Large Snow Bucket:

Snow Blade
Snow Blade:

Snow Blower
Snow Blower:

5 Machines in a row
Fleet Lined up waiting for snow: