More About Me.

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I was born and raised on a farm in the Parkhill area (well, technically I was born in a hospital). I have been involved in the farm most of my life. I don't just sell Amsoil products, I use them too. I have a broad mechanical knowledge since we do nearly all our own repairs on our vehicles and equipment. I used to do custom combining and planting of approximately 3000 acres per year. In the winter I also do snow plowing. I have been doing snow removal since 1985. I have had snow plowing contracts with The City of London for the last 7 years. I decided that since I have the skid steers, I should put them to work for the summers too. Thus I am now doing many odd jobs and landscaping work with them for the summers. I have noticed big improvements using Amsoil in cold weather and around the farm.

I am married and have two sons and a daughter. I enjoy ATV riding, snowmobiling, camping, and spending time with my kids. I live in the same farm house that I was raised in, on the very first farm that my father bought.


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